mechanical broadheads
Mechanical broadhead bargains. Tony Hansen

Whether you call them mechanical or expandables, broadheads with blades that deploy on impact are some of the most popular options for bowhunters. They cut big holes, present minimal tuning issues out of high-speed bows and, yes, can be pricey. If you’re looking for a solid mechanical head at a great price, read on. Here are five of my top picks for budget-focused performance.


WASP Jak-Hammer SST Wasp Archery

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The Jak-Hammer was one of the first mechanical heads available and remains one of my favorites. Its simple, no-gimmicks design provides plenty of confidence. With over-the-top deployment, the heads open when they’re supposed to and stay closed when they aren’t. The ferrule is made of stainless steel and the blades are thick and strong. The 100-grain models are available in either 1 ¼” or 1 ¾” cutting diameters. A 3-pack costs $34.99 and they’re made in America.


Rocky Mountain Warhead

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If you’re into big mechanical broadheads, here’s a newcomer worth a look — from a favorite old brand name. Rocky Mountain is back on the broadhead scene after a hiatus from the spotlight and the Warhead is an interesting offering. Sporting an impressive 1 ¾-inch cutting diameter and a cut-on-contact razor tip, these heads can cut a big hole. The two-blade head uses an over-the-top deployment system. The best feature? It’s price. A 3-pack goes for just $15.99.


Dead Ringer Nasty Extreme

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If you want to cut a crazy big hole, this is your head. The Nasty Extreme boasts a whopping 2 ½-inch cutting width in a two-blade design. You’ll want to shoot this head from a setup that offers plenty of kinetic energy because of its over-the-top deployment system. A 3-pack costs $29.99.


Blackout Gator SS

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BLACKOUT GATOR SS One of the most critical components of any expandable broadhead is the ferrule. Steel ferrules are stronger than aluminum versions, and generally more expensive. The Blackout Gator SS from Bass Prop Shops is an exception to that pricey rule. The Gator SS boasts a steel ferrule paired with .035-inch steel blades. The cutting width is 1.5 inches and a 3-pack sells for $34.99, though they’re on sale right now for less than $25.


Wasp Jak-Knife

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WASP JAK-KNIFE Yes, another Wasp head makes the list. The Jak-Knife is a two-blade head with an impressive 2-inch cutting width. Like the Jak-Hammer, the head features a trocar tip that’s super tough. The blades deploy in over-the-top fashion and are held in place by an o-ring. At $34.99 for a pack of three, they’re a bargain performer.