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1.) They’re Fun To Receive Every Month

Gear subscriptions are like those care packages Mom used to send when you went away to sleepover camp, but instead of candy and comic books you get knives, axes, shooting gear and other great outdoor equipment. Send one to yourself, or get one for your buddy. These boxes make great gifts to look forward to when opening day seems a little too far away.

2.) They Replace Things That Get Used Up

Gear boxes always include lots of essential consumable items. Stuff that’s easy to use up is always handy, like rope, gun lubricant, or butt wipes. Give your buddy the gift of never running out.

3.) They Include Lots of Tools

Knives, axes, gun tools, multitools, flashlights, headlamps. Tools are great gifts, even when the person who gets them has one already. There’s nothing more useful than a spare when you need it.

4.) You Can Still Give Gear Away Even If You Give The Subscription To Yourself

Opening day a big deal at your house? Subscription boxes give you an endless supply of preselected gifts to pass along to your friends and family. Sign up for the box yourself and you can wrap up what you want to give away. Just don’t tell your dad if you save the best gear for yourself.

5.) They Speak to the Seasons

There are a lot of different subscription box options out there, but many of them are built by companies that don’t know you don’t shoot deer in the spring. If you want to give someone else an outdoor gear subscription you better look for one that’s put together by people who actually hunt, fish, shoot, and camp.

About the Steel to Reel Club

The Steel to Reel club is an outdoor subscription box service that’s partnering with the editors of Outdoor Life to find and source outdoor gear. Each of our boxes gets packed around a theme. You get a shooting box in July, a camping box in August, a bowhunting box in September, a butchering box in October, a big game box in November, and a special Outdoorsman’s Christmas box in December. Learn more about the club here.