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**Send Us Your Photos! **
We want pictures of your successes. Mail them to us at The Braggin’ Board, Outdoor Life, 2 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016. Include a brief story about your catch or quarry, and give us the specs: weight, length, points, etc. Photos can’t be returned.

Eastern Anglers Share Their Personal Bests

Six-year old Cierra Roberts, of Landing, N.J., caught this 20-inch-long fluke, her first, in New Jersey’s Raritan Bay while on a party-boat trip with her father, Glen. She used a baited bucktail.

**Bass Self-Portrait **
Al Donovan took this 5.6-pound largemouth, his best yet, in a southern Vermont lake with his “go-to” bait, a six-inch Fin-S Fish.

Last-Cast Topper
Larry Stevens, of Savage, Md., was just about to quit fishing when he hooked this 42-inch striper in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s his biggest ever.

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