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Madmen of December
Three late-season deer masters share their hard-earned secrets for trophy whitetails.

Frozen Fish Tricks
The run-and-gun way to jig up more walleyes through the ice this winter.

Return of the Grizzly
Grizzlies are on the rebound in the Lower 48 and hunters couuld play a critical role in the great bear’s return.

Yukon Giant
Two adventurers go toe to toe with a monster moose in Alaska’s wild and woolly backcountry.

The Howling
When you can’t get coyotes to commit to your setup this winter, give these four tactics a try to make them come charging in.

Mountain of the King
A trophy-size Coues buck proves to be an elusive target in the harsh Mexican high country.

Training a beagle to run rabbits is no trick, but did you know you could also teach your pooch to retrieve.

Top Tips
More than 150 fishing, hunting, camping and survival tips that you’ve got to try.

The Worst Shot I Ever Made
The huge Kalahari gemsbuck was hit, but it wasn’t ready to go down.