Outdoor Life Online Editor

When the deer you’ve been looking at all summer suddenly disappear on opening day, it’s hard not to conclude that they have a calendar and a copy of the game regs tucked away in the woods somewhere. Well, it seems moose know when their season is about to start, too-and that one bull took advantage of this knowledge by attacking a scouting hunter two days before the opener.

Jim Osgood, a Maine hunter, was scouting with a friend when a bull came barreling out of an alder thicket and launched him into the air. Osgood’s friend told the Associated Press that the bull sent him 20 feet high, in which case Osgood can consider himself lucky that he suffered only a broken cheek and collarbone.

Osgood himself doesn’t recall much of the event. “All I remember is waking up on the ground,” he told the AP.