Outdoor Life Online Editor

Outdoor Life is currently putting together a special section on the future of hunting and is eager to hear from the sportsmen who will help drive that future-its readers age 39 and younger. This is a great opportunity for young hunters to share with others the reasons they love to hunt, what hunting has meant to their lives and what they hope to do to keep that tradition alive and in good shape for future generations.

Those essays selected for this special section will be published and each chosen author will receive a free Outdoor Life hat.

Interested readers should submit essays of roughly 300 words in length about why hunting pumps them up more than anything else and why nothing is going to stand between them and their next day afield.

They can write about their most amazing hunting experience, or how a special mentor has inspired them to carry on the sporting tradition in a way other OL readers would love to hear about. Or they can just describe how good hunting makes them feel and why.

A photo to accompany submitted essays is welcome, but not required.

Send essays to Outdoor Life, “Why I Love Hunting,” 2 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Or you can e-mail your essay to[ olletters@bonniercorp.com](mailto: olletters@bonniercorp.com) with the subject “Why I Love to Hunt.” Please include name, age, address and phone number. Entries must be received no later than September 12, 2005.