Outdoor Life Online Editor

How can an outdoorsman get his news fix these days? According to marketing data no one reads newspapers anymore. And who can stand to watch local newscasters with gel-laden hairdos? We want stories that make you chuckle like the “impaled whale” or the “deer suicide.” And, it should be in an environment that feels more like a deer camp than a website.

Outdoor Life has solved the problem by starting a blog. It launches today, and there’s no doubt it will become your source for daily feeds, commentary and humor.

The new format means you can send me your photos and I’ll happily post them. Just think, you can brag to your friends about having the day’s trophy shot on Outdoor Life. More importantly, you can use the comments feature to tell me when we get it right and when we don’t.

So plug in your blaze orange keyboard, and let’s take hunting and fishing into the blogosphere.

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