I have two charms. One is a small antler point strung on a piece of orange fly line, the same line on which I caught my largest trout back in high school.

My other lucky charm is a small, cheapo emblem, a tiny pot-metal-and-green-glass Buddha, and in the right light, you can barely read “Touch Me for Luck” stamped around the little guy. My wife gave it to me back when I first headed out West on a solo fishing trip in 1987, and later that summer I wore it on the day when I crashed in an Otter floatplane up in Ontario. I credit it with saving my life since there is no logical reason why anyone was able to live through that wreck. The “lucky genie” is strung on a piece of black braided Dacron line off a reel that belonged to my grandfather, with whom I grew up fishing.

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