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How to Make an Umbrella Duck Blind

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As duck hunters, we spend an inordinate amount of time building hideouts in front of us when what we really need is something over the top of us to hide us from view of flying ducks. Build this low-cost overhead blind for less than $20.

First, obtain a 4-to-8-foot extension pole (the kind used for paint rollers). Next, recruit an old umbrella from around the house, or buy a cheapie. Spray-paint the open umbrella fabric to match the surroundings you’ll be hunting in: greens for early-season tules or reeds, tans and browns for late-season cattails. Tightly duct-tape the umbrella shaft to the end of the pole, but leave the mechanism uncovered. In the field, extend the secondary pole, insert the pole into the soft marsh substrate, and open the umbrella to hide yourself from prying duck eyes.

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