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This is a two-part special on making and saving money in the outdoors. To read about six outdoorsmen and women who earn a living in the outdoor industry, click here. Got your own DIY tips to share with us? Shoot us an email at


DIY Projects

PVC Chum Tube

Umbrella Duck Blind

Make an Ax Handle

Deer-Antler Slingshot

Wool Blanket Gun Case

Three Quick Rod Fixes

Repair a Busted Stock


Hunting Hacks

Homemade Cover Scent

Find Free Food-Plot Seed

Dual-Purpose Duck Decoys

Find a Field Dog at the Pound


Gear Tweaks

Revive Your Down Jacket

Patch a Bow Target

Bow Sight Cover

Stud Your Boots


Other Cash-Saving Tips

Dope Your Shot on the Cheap

Pork-Rind Trailers

Homemade Fire Starters

Low-Cost Zero

Can’t get enough? We’ve got
51 more skills, projects, and hacks right here
to help improve your hunting and fishing.