Outdoor Life Online Editor

Rustlers dug up and stole 50,000 custom-bred worms valued at 5,000 ($7,760 U.S.) from a Scottish recycling plant. The thieves scaled 12-foot fences to make off with the haul of European dendrobaena worms, considered Scotland’s best for fishing.

The theft was the latest in a spate of similar raids at Campbeltown Waste Watchers in Argyll, where the worms were used to recycle grass cuttings and newspapers into fertilizer. General manager Clive Good told the British Daily Record: “These are not earthworms, but very chunky, muscular worms which grow to about four to five inches.”

Normally, the worms make fertilizer for three years and then are sold as bait, but angler demand is high, so the black market thrives.