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The icicles on the eaves are dripping steadily and the mercury is nudging upward a little more each day. It’s spring, or close to it, and the crappies are starting to get antsy. They’ll be moving toward the shallows in stages, and they’ll congregate wherever they find cover. Drop a minnow or jig into submerged brush, underwater weed beds or standing timber. Then hang on.

Crappies Under Cover WEEDS
Fish aquatic weeds during the spawn crappies like to bed on types of bottom where vegetation flourishes. click here

Crappies Under Cover TIMBER
Standing timber can be a crappie magnet in summer. The fish suspend at various depths, depending on thermoclines. click here

Crappies Under Cover BRUSH
Key on brush piles before and after the spawn and fish them with vertical presentations to avoid hang-ups. click here

The five best lakes for crappie fishing. Plus, the top crappie guides. click here