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**One Fine Day **
Eight-year-old Dylan McKinsey (bottom right) was fishing with his grandpa at western Kentucky’s Clear Creek when this 51/2-pound largemouth struck his spinnerbait. Says Dylan, “It was one of the best days of my life.”

Tag Team
Brothers Garrett (right) and Marshall Brancy combined their efforts to land this 17-pound coho from New York’s Salmon River. Garrett hooked the fish on a green fly he tied himself and Marshall reeled it in.

**All by Himself **
James David Smitherman III caught this bluegill on a cricket while fishing with his father and uncle one spring morning at a small pond in Prattville, Ala. James’s father says, “He was so proud of reeling in the fish all by himself.”

**Who Invited the New Guy? **
Eric Snavely is a relative newcomer to the annual fishing trip a bunch of friends take each year to eastern Ontario. Snavely caught this 13-pound northern pike on a crayfish-colored Pulsator spinnerbait in 20 feet of water off a rocky point.

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