Fishing’s Top 40

When the fish wise up to your standard approaches, try these innovative tactics to get more bites.

Where anglers are concerned, fish either get caught or get educated. If your tried-and-true fishing approaches don’t seem to have the same magic they once did, perhaps it’s time to razzle-dazzle fish with something new.

We’ve sorted through some of the best fishing techniques from around the country to glean the following gems of advice. Give them a try when you’re out on the water this spring.

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[XLINK 635260 “Trout Trickery”]
Tips 1-10
By Jerry Gibbs

[XLINK 635269 “Bass Pro Secrets”]
Tips 11-20
By Tim Tucker

[XLINK 635278 “Catfish Pointers”]
Tips 21-30
By Keith Sutton

[XLINK 635286 “Walleye Ways”]
Tips 31-40
By Dick Sternberg