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Where anglers are concerned, fish either get caught or get educated. If your tried-and-true fishing approaches don’t seem to have the same magic they once did, perhaps it’s time to razzle-dazzle fish with something new.

We’ve sorted through some of the best fishing techniques from around the country to glean the following gems of advice. Give them a try when you’re out on the water this spring.

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[XLINK 635260 “Trout Trickery”]
Tips 1-10
By Jerry Gibbs

[XLINK 635269 “Bass Pro Secrets”]
Tips 11-20
By Tim Tucker

[XLINK 635278 “Catfish Pointers”]
Tips 21-30
By Keith Sutton

[XLINK 635286 “Walleye Ways”]
Tips 31-40
By Dick Sternberg