Master the Double-Haul

Jerry Gibbs shows how to master the double-haul.

Outdoor Life Online Editor
  1. Load the rod during the line pickup from water. Now begin pulling the line hand downward during the back cast. As the rod travels back and stops during the back cast, perform a quick "down-up" movement with the line hand.
    (pictured at right)

2. During the "up" segment of the down-up haul, allow some line to shoot back by opening the line-hand fingers then quickly pinching them closed.

3. Begin the forward cast.

[pagebreak] 4. Make another quick downward pull of the line.

5. Once the down-pull of the line is completed during the quick speed-up-and-stop movement of the rod during the forward cast, begin moving the line hand upward.

6. As the line hand completes its upward travel, open the fingers in a loose circle to allow any extra line to shoot through. If there is a lot of line left to shoot, never let it spring forward without first going through the loose circle of fingers. Otherwise, it will likely foul in the butt guide.