Illustration by Kagan McLeod

An inexpensive solution to organize the clutter of rods in the corner of your fishing camp–and preserve your investment.

48-inch-long board (1″x2″, 1″x3″, and 2″x2″ all work well, but any dimension will do)
Stain and varnish (optional)
12 shotshell hulls (12-gauge 2¾- or 3-inch)
12 small screws
2 ring-eye screws

1. Stain and varnish the board if you wish.

2. Use tin snips to remove the brass from the hulls, then make a vertical slit along each hull’s length.

3. With the slit in a shotgun shell facing out, place it upright on the board 2 inches from the edge and attach it to the board with a small screw.

4. Continue placing a split hull every 4 inches from left to right.

5. Insert the ring-eye screws on the top of the board to serve as hangers.

6. Hang the board 48 inches off the floor.

7. Slide rods through the hull slits for easy upright storage and quick deployment.

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