The Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series, which has been packing major auditoriums for more than two decades, is back and with one goal in mind–to make you a better angler.

“It’s without a doubt a great way to learn the short-cuts to fishing success, regardless of your level of experience,” says SWS Editor-At-Large and Seminar Series Host George Poveromo. “The amount of information revealed up on that stage borders on the unbelievable at times. There are no secrets withheld, and I’m constantly amazed at just how specific our faculty gets.”

Make no mistake about it. This is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill fishing clinic at a local tackle shop. As the nation’s premier educational seminar on salt water fishing tactics, the National Seminar Series is an elaborate production that’s held in some of the most prestigious and luxurious auditoriums in the country. With some of the very best authorities on saltwater fishing covering in explicit detail the how-to’s and where-to’s of locating and catching inshore, nearshore and offshore game fish within the respective seminar region, each session is supported by informative images, diagrams, video bytes and on-stage demonstrations; These specifically tailored visuals help reinforce the critical points being discussed on stage by our nationally- and regionally acclaimed teaching teams. Furthermore, image-magnification technology allows the audience to view detailed fishing charts, step-by-step rigging instructions, lures, baits, knots and much, much more on a pair of 10-by-10- foot screens, which flank the instructors on stage.

The series will once again be hosted by George Poveromo. George will be joined at each location by fellow SWS editors and nationally recognized fishing pros the likes of John Brownlee, Barry Gibson, Gary Caputi, Ric Burnley, Ted Lund, Spud Woodward, Mike Marsh, Dr. Mitchell Roffer, Harry Vernon III and Captains Trey Rhyne, John Oughton, Jimmy Price, and Bouncer Smith. In addition, these National Faculty members will be joined by teams composed of top regional anglers. A minimum of eight faculty members will be present at each location!

The seminars are held on Saturdays, beginning at 9:00 a.m. and concluding by 4:00 p.m. There is a one-hour break at noon. Long considered the best bargain in sportfishing, a Seminar Series ticket is only $ 55.00.

The ticket price covers six hours of instruction from the best pros in the business, a course textbook, a one-year subscription or extension to Salt Water Sportsman, one Roffer’s Ocean Fishing Forecast Analysis, 16-ounce bottle of OrPine Wash & Wax, one spool of Sufix fishing line, a $ 20.00 discount card off any purchase of $ 150.00 or more from Capt. Harry’s Fishing Supply, and chances to win valuable door prizes! The Grand Prize at each location is a Bahamas fishing trip for two to the prestigious Bimini Sands Resort & Marina. The Super Grand Prize, to be awarded two weeks after the conclusion of the 2011 series, is Mako’s new 18LTS Light Tackle Skiff!

As it enters into its 24th consecutive year of touring, the Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series continues to draw huge crowds. Why? The formula for success is really quite simple: Round up the top national and regional sport fishing authorities and have them divulge their most productive fishing tactics. The Seminar Series’ “no holds barred” format also requires these pros to reveal their prime fishing spots, the best times to fish them, and the best baits and lures to use. The 2011 Tour will be no different. For more information go to: Here’s a rundown on the places, dates and topics to be covered.

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY (January 8) – Trophy stripers on ultra-light tackle; Live-lining for trophy stripers; Top trolling tactics for stripers; Chunking for bluefish; Bluefish on surface lures; Inshore wire-line techniques; Jetty tactics; How to catch more and bigger fluke; Targeting trophy fluke; Top tactics for jumbo fluke; Secrets of fishing the Cape May Rips; Trophy drum in Delaware Bay; Secrets of fishing Delaware Bay; Top tactics for big blackfish; Catching blackfish by the score; Variety fishing in and around inlets; How to locate and fish productive bottom (blackfish, sea bass, spot and fluke); Back-bay stripers; Successful back-bay fishing; Can’t-miss tuna-trolling patterns; Chunking for tunas; Live-baiting for tunas; Advanced methods for bluefin and yellowfin tuna; Cutting edge lure-trolling tactics; Subsurface offshore trolling; Cutting edge spreader bar and dredge tactics; Secrets for catching more inshore tuna; Reading water temperature charts; Targeting trophy makos; Basic and advanced sharking techniques; Offshore kite fishing for sharks and tuna; Specialized tactics that take more big-eye tuna; How to troll up more wahoo and white marlin!

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA (January 15)– Fishing the beaches, inlets and docks for redfish, snook and tarpon; New inlet tactics for bigger snook; Live-chumming for snook; Bigger snook on artificials; Target bridge snook; Seatrout by the numbers; No nonsense Gator trout tactics; Big trout on topwater plugs; Taking redfish in the Rivers; Chunking for trophy redfish; Pass fish for tarpon like the pros; Beachfront tarpon; Tarpon on light tackle in the creeks, canals & rivers; Light-tackle fishing for Spanish and king mackerel; Live-chumming for more and bigger kingfish; Kite fishing for tarpon, monster kingfish, cobia, and sharks; Secrets of locating and catching Southwest Florida cobia; How to make stubborn cobia eat; Catching more and bigger grouper and snapper; Live-baiting for bottom fish; Deep- and Flutter- jigging for amberjack, grouper, snapper, and kingfish; Wreck fishing strategies; How to read and fish the local offshore waters (locating the true edges of the Loop Current, thermal breaks, warm water fingers and structure) for wahoo, dolphin, tuna and billfish; The most effective offshore trolling spreads and strategies for catching more and bigger fish off Southwest Florida!

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA (January 22)– Live-baiting for trophy striped bass; New Jersey tactics that take monster Virginia Beach striped bass; Cutting-edge striper trolling; Refined flounder tactics; How to consistently locate and catch trophy flounder; Score big Chesapeake Bay flounder; Sheepshead the easy way; Sight fishing for cobia; How to excite and catch stubborn cobia; Chunking for trophy cobia; Light tackle inshore fishing for puppy drum and speckled trout; How to consistently catch drum; light tackle fishing for red and black drum; Scoring around inlets, jetties and beaches; Secrets of fishing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel; Successful bottom- and wreck- fishing (tautog, spadefish, spot and sea bass); How to catch a trophy king mackerel; Spanish mackerel on light tackle; Deep-dropping for tile fish; How to chum like the pros (inshore and offshore); Kite fishing for trophy striped bass, king mackerel, tuna, shark and billfish; How to mix and troll natural baits and lures; Hot white marlin teaser strategies; Top white marlin baits and spreads; Top methods for catching more and larger yellowfin and bluefin tuna; Jigging for tuna; sub-surface offshore trolling for wahoo and tuna; Deep- and Flutter jigging; Daytime swordfish; Can’t miss dolphin tactics!

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA (January 29) – Fool-proof red drum tactics; Tricks that take trophy drum; Chunking secrets for big red drum; Catch bluefin tuna like the pros; Trolling for bluefin tuna; Cutting-edge tactics for trophy king mackerel; Lures and dead bait for king mackerel; Chumming secrets for king mackerel; Flounder fast and easy; How to locate and catch trophy flounder; Successful river and ICW fishing strategies; Variety fishing around inlets and jetties and along the beaches; Scoring keeper sheepshead around the bridges, jetties and offshore reefs and wrecks; Taking trophy trout on lures; Selective live-baiting for jumbo trout; Trolling for school trout; Spanish mackerel fast and easy; Successful bottom fishing; How to catch keeper grouper; Deep- and Flutter jigging; Sea bass by the score; Amberjack fast and easy; Light tackle shark fishing; Offshore trolling tactics; Trolling for yellowfin tuna; Jigging and chunking for yellowfin tuna; Live-baiting for big yellowfin tuna; Secrets for catching more and bigger wahoo; Targeting big dolphin; Offbeat tricks to catch more dolphin; Sub-surface offshore fishing tactics; How to catch North Carolina tarpon; Top offshore trolling spreads; Effective teaser deployments!

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA (February 5) — Cutting-edge tactics for trophy king mackerel; Tricks that fool stubborn king mackerel into striking; Jigging for kings; Kite fishing for tarpon, kings, amberjack, cobia, tuna and sailfish; Tricks that take jumbo flounder; Bucktailing for flounder; Catch flounder like the pros; New tricks that catch more and bigger flounder; Variety fishing around inlets and jetties and along the beaches; Trophy drum in the inlets; Red drum on the flats; No-Nonsense tactics for catching red drum in the ICW and rivers; How to target and catch big trout; Top lure tactics for trout; Advanced live bait techniques for trout; Winter trout fishing secrets; Jetty, bridge and reef tactics for jumbo sheepshead; Fishing the wrecks and artificial reefs (spadefish, sheepshead, mackerel, cobia, bottom fish); Spanish mackerel fast and easy; Sure-fire tactics for catching Georgia tarpon; How to catch “keeper” grouper and snapper; Tricks that take jumbo sea bass; Catch sea bass by the score; Amberjack the fast way; Deep- and Flutter- jigging the towers and reefs; Bird-dogging the shrimp boats (kings and sharks); How to target and catch cobia; How to make stubborn cobia eat; What it takes to catch trophy class cobia; Successful wahoo tactics; Offshore trolling strategies; No-Nonsense dolphin tactics; Top tricks for yellowfin tuna; Offshore live-baiting; Small boat offshore trolling tactics!

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA (February 12) – Beachfront fishing for tarpon and snook; River fishing for tarpon and snook; New inlet tactics that take bigger snook and tarpon; Catching snook on the flats; Live-chumming for snook; How and where to catch trophy snook; Speckled trout by the numbers; No nonsense monster trout tactics; Trout on topwater plugs; Taking redfish in the ICW; How to catch fish in the ICW and Lake Worth Lagoon; Light-tackle fishing for Spanish and king mackerel; Trolling and drifting for kingfish; Live-chumming for more and bigger kingfish; Tricks for catching trophy kingfish; Dialing in on South Florida blackfin tuna; Kite fishing for kingfish, sailfish, tuna and cobia; Cobia tricks; Small boat cobia tactics; Catching more and bigger grouper and snapper; Live-baiting for bottom fish; Deep- and Flutter- jigging for amberjack, grouper and kingfish; Chumming tactics for bottom fish; Reef and wreck fishing strategies; Targeting permit and African pompano in the inlets and on the wrecks; How to read and fish the local offshore waters (locating the true edges of the Gulf Stream, thermal breaks, warm water fingers and structure for wahoo, dolphin, tuna and billfish); The top trolling spreads and strategies for catching fish off the Southeast Florida coast; Top dolphin tactics; Offbeat tactics that catch more dolphin; How to target and catch yellowfin tuna off Grand Bahama Island; Scoring more wahoo locally and in the Bahamas; Secrets for catching more and bigger wahoo; How to read and follow the birds to score more tuna and dolphin; Swordfish like the pros!

BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI (February 26) –Tricks for catching trophy cobia; Successful sight fishing tactics for cobia; How to consistently catch cobia from a small boat; How to make stubborn cobia eat; Secrets of locating cobia on structure; New tactics for even bigger king mackerel; Trolling for kings; Speckled trout by the score; Nighttime monster trout tactics; How trout and redfish see and the right lure colors to fool more of them; Fishing the passes and beaches for trophy redfish, speckled trout and flounder; Chunking for redfish; Taking redfish year-round; Successful deep water redfish tactics; Sight fishing for trophy redfish; Top tactics for big flounder; How to locate and catch more flounder; Locate and catch trophy tripletail; Cutting-edge jigging tactics for amberjack, grouper and snapper; How to locate and catch quality fish on close-to-shore structure; Successful snapper and grouper tactics; Chumming for bottom fish; Kite fishing for kings, tuna, wahoo and dolphin; Chunking tactics for yellowfin and blackfin tuna; Live-chumming for trophy yellowfins; Jigging for tuna; Fish the rigs like a pro; Sub-surface wahoo tactics; How to target trophy wahoo; How to choose, rig and fish the most productive offshore trolling lures; Secrets of fishing the Biloxi Marsh; South Florida tactics that take more and bigger Gulf of Mexico dolphin!

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (March 5) – Live-baiting for trophy striped bass; Spinner-and-worm fishing for striped bass; Stripers on topwater lures; Diamond- and Flutter jigging for striped bass and bluefish; Chunking for big striped bass; Inshore wire-line techniques; How to locate bluefish when they’re not plentiful; Bluefish on surface lures; Targeting jumbo bluefish; How to choose, rig and fish the most productive New England artificials; How and where to catch winter flounder by the numbers; Trophy fluke tactics; Secrets of fishing Boston Harbor; River fishing tactics; Bottom-fishing for inshore table fare (flounder, black sea bass, blackfish); Bucktailing for trophy black sea bass; How to find offshore cod and pollock; Deep jigging tactics; Chumming and chunking for bonito and false albacore; bluefin tuna on light tackle and artificial lures; No-nonsense bluefin tactics; Cutting edge tuna trolling patterns; How to create and troll a deadly offshore teaser system (dredges included); Live-chumming and live-baiting for tunas; Kite fishing for sharks and tunas; Hot methods for catching mako, blue, thresher and porbeagle sharks; Taking sharks on light-tackle and artificial lures; How to find and fish nearshore and offshore surface temperature breaks!