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October and November are the best times of year along the northern Gulf coast for catching one of the great frying pan delicacies in the South. Flounders move toward the seashore, where they gather in very large numbers, preparing for their upcoming offshore spawning migration.

The gatherings commonly take place in two settings. The first is in the delta of a coastal river. Here flounder commonly congregate on the bottom in small passes, though they often feed atop flats. The other setting is the mouths of inshore bays. In both instances, consider the current. Typically, the faster it runs, the better the fishing. –Pete Cooper Jr.

DELTA RIVERS: Fish the deeper spots with either a jig and soft-plastic combo or a live finger mullet on a fish-finder rig. On the flats present your offering upcurrent of the strike zone and let the current sweep it across the flat as it’s being retrieved. INSHORE BAYS: Here, target the falling tide near the mouths of cuts or drains emptying out of marshy areas into bays. Quarter-ounce jigs and silver spoons are solid choices.