DAY ONE - Gear Gallery

A great looking upland jacket, a quick way to clean your gun, goose calls made by a champion and more.

Outdoor Life Online Editor

Knight & Hale KH231 Pit Boss with DVD Knight & Hale's new Pit boss molded short-reed clucker features new "worn-in" guts for a more hollow, realistic sound. The smaller end-piece diameter means that it takes very little back pressure to create natural-sounding calls, making for a call that is easier to learn to use than other calls. With the accompanying instructional DVD, you'll be calling with the best of them in no time.

RCBS ChargeMaster Combo The ChargeMaster 1500 Scale and ChargeMaster Dispenser together form an unmatched combination of speed and accuracy. There is no longer a need for timely calibration to the type of powder being used. Simply fill the 1 lb+ capacity powder hopper with smokeless powder, enter the desired charge and press the dispense button. Average dispensing time is approximately 20 seconds for a 60 grain extruded powder charge. The clear cover eliminates fluctuations in weighing caused by air currents without obscuring your view of the charge being dispensed.

Boyt Field Coat This new upland field jacket from the Boyt Harness Company features Weatherweave and Thinsulate. This new system weaves wax into the fibers of the jacket. Inside features hounds tooth and the outside has a suede trim. Coat modeled by OL Shooting Editor Jim Carmichel.

Outers Shotgun 10/12 Gauge Gun Care & Cleaning Kit Outers has been bringing you quality, American made products for over 70 years, and it continues that trend this year. Outers offers a number of cleaning kits sure to meet all your gun cleaning needs. The new Ruger 10/22 cleaning kit is intended for active 10/22 shooters. It comes standard with a specifically designed 10/22 muzzle guard that works on trapped or .920 barrels and patch catcher that fits in the magazine well.The new box kit features Bore Clean Gun Solvent and a durable, portable case. Bore Clean is an odorless, non-toxic cleaner that really attacks powder residue.