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Live From Las Vegas Shot Show 2002

Greetings from Las Vegas! We’re here day one at the SHOT Show bringing you all the latest in gear and new products. Every day this weekend until February 5th, we will be walking the hundreds of rows in search of the latest gear.

We’ll be looking at products that we know will help improve your hunting experience. Things such as new treestands, the latest in decoys, clothing, optics–you name it and we’re checking it out. There is plenty to see but we’ll manage to get through it all.

Check back daily throughout the weekend. Outdoor Life Online will be following Editor Todd Smith as he travels the SHOT Show floor inspecting rifles, boots, and scopes. See what this expert has to say about Ruger’s new shotgun and various other products.

We know you wish you could be here so we’ll do our best to bring you all the great things the SHOT Show has to offer.

The Double X Series Multi-Vision by Ol’ Man
(See photo pictured on the upper right.)
The Double X Series Multi-Vision is a unique new two-piece climbing stand. Actually it is 5 stands in one! You choose the stand to fit your immediate hunting situation. Conversion is easy! Simply insert one of the provided camp padded bars for a new and improved version of the Original Ol’ Man, the Vision Gun Rest and you now have a Vision Back Rest to hunt facing the tree. Leave the front open and you have the newest addition to the Ol’ Man line, the Freedom Climber.

New features include Ol’ Man Spreader Arms for extra room and extra value. The new design in the patented pivoting arms results in no more squeezing of ht ehunter while hunting from smaller diameter trees.

Day One: SHOT Show 2002Benchmade’s Realtree Camo Model Knives
For the outdoorsman who prefers to blend in with their outdoor suroundings. They have taken their standard models and applied the RealTree Hardwoods pattern to the handle scales. The application process is much the same that is used throughout the industry for a durable lasting finish. These models are limited to ComboEdge with BT2 coated blade configuarations in each.

So if you prefer to go “unseen” in the outdoors- check out the Benchmade Hardwoods.

Day One: SHOT Show 2002Sotol Tire Step Company
The Tire Step allows easy access to the engine compartment or the top of your vehicle.

This lightweight, portable, dependable product is easy to use. Choose from two designs. The OneStep, (shown) is the signature model and is available in both black steel and deluxe, light weight anodized aluminum. Both versions come with their own stylish heavy-duty carrying bags. For just a few dollars more, order either version in red, silver, or gold designer colors. For the outdoor enthusiast, the product also comes in camouflage.

The other design is called the TwoStep is designed specifically to access the engine cdompartments of large trucks and buses.

Day One: SHOT Show 2002**Varmint Hunting Lights from Optronics **
This night hunting model costs about $79.99 and runs on a 6-volt rechargeable battery with 110-volt charger. It has a beam adjustment knob, a stock-mount switch, left-or right handed. The red flip-up varmint filter is included. The snap-on mount fits 1″ scopes (30mm adaptor available) It is made of a lightweight, rugged ABS plastic. These products from Optronics are designed to withstand rugged use.