Outdoor Life Online Editor

A writer prepares to put several rounds through one of the new .270 rifle models at the Winchester/Browning shooting event. The 300-yard target, which can’t be seen, was a series of hanging bowling pins.


Shooter’s delight…a table of shells and a rack full of new Browning shotgun models. It’s hard not to have a good time shouldering each gun and busting a few clays.


A shooter busts one target (at the top of the picture) and sights in on the other with a Browning Citori 12-gauge.


Participants flock to the handgun range to test several semi-autos with the Nevada mountains in the background.


Winchester and Browning lined up several rifles at the range for writers to test. The long lines were at the .204 Ruger and the .270 auto.


SHOT Business editor Slaton White shoots a new Super X2 model debuted at the shooting club.


A Winchester rep fires a 20-gauge slug gun. The shot packed a whallop that felt more like a 12-guage. This sabot has a lot of power.


A view down the range before the shooting started.


A shooter tests a new .30-06 round fromWinchester.