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U22 Carbine Conv Kit by Beretta
Beretta offers the NEOS Carbine Kit, a shoulder stock and barrel that turn the pistol into a handy, accurate long gun. Without special tools, you can return it to pistol configuration.
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3X-9X Short Mag by Burris
Short, stout and powerful, our new Short Mag riflescopes are the perfect match for today’s short magnum rifles. Outstanding optical performance in a compact, lightweight package enhances the short magnum concept and generous eye relief provides a comfort zone with any load. Available in 5 models.
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NoslerCustom Cartridge Brass
NoslerCustom Brass brings premium quality cartridge cases bearing the familiar “Nosler” headstamp to the benches of discerning handloaders. The brass undergoes the rigorous quality control that premium Nosler bullets have experienced for nearly 60 years.
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TrekPod and ShotPod by Trek-Tech
TrekPod is the unique combination of a lightweight, height adjustable walking/hiking staff with a fully integrated tripod. The staff is also a climbing aid, a support for binoculars, cameras and spotting scopes. It also incorporates the innovative, quick-release mounting system called MagMount- tilt and swivel mounting system, and includes the cork palm rest. The TrekPod with MagMount provides unprecedented levels of flexibility and functionality for outdoor enthusiasts, photographers and birders.
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PCF Binoculars from Pentax
8×40 and 10×50 The PCF series of binoculars offer durable aluminum diecast bodies with a full rubber armoring, high-performance optics with BaK4 glass prisms, fully-multi-coated optical elements, and aspherical eyepiece elements for superior image quality. The internal focus design, and helicoid eyepieces make the PCF series durable and comfortable. For use on or around water, they have a JIS Class 6 waterproof rating, which means they can also be used in any weather condition.
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