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Digital callers are hot, which is great news for hunters who are challenged by mouth-blown calls or dissatisfied with the scratchy, low-volume sound of yesteryear’s cassette callers. Burnham Brothers’ Compucaller II features a built-in amplifier along with a remote control that lets the user operate the call from more than 100 yards away. Calls are stored on chips and four sound chips are included with each rechargeable unit. ($299.95; 325-396-4572; www.burnhambrothers.com)

**2. RB800 >> **
Whether you’re shooting across a South Carolina soybean field or down the length of a Wyoming sagebrush basin, confirming the target and range is imperative for predator hunting. Leupold made the RB800 binocular so it would serve both purposes. The 8X waterproof binocular is equipped with a laser range finder that targets precise measurements from 10 to nearly 900 yards away. The scan mode provides continuous readouts on moving targets or while sweeping across terrain. (About $700, $800 with compass; 503-646-9171; www.leupold.com)

Cabela’s Seclusion 3D Open Country pattern camouflages the prone hunter with a digitally produced image that blends with grass, sage, rocks and brush. The light palette works well in the desert, on the prairie, on Western plains and even on winter pastures east of the Mississippi._ (800-237-4444; www.cabelas.com)_

Finally, for the shotgun-loving predator hunter, Hunter’s Specialties offers the Undertaker series of shotgun choke tubes. Manufactured and tested for Remington’s Hevi-Shot, these chokes put 90 percent of the pellets in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. The chokes are constructed of aircraft-quality alloy, heat-treated and blued and feature double knurling at the bore for easy hand installation._ (319-395-0321; www.hunterspec.com)_

Aim-steadying bipods are nothing new, but lightweight bipods to match lightweight rifles are innovative. The Featherweight Bipod from Advanced Technologies weighs less than 8 ounces and is designed to be mounted to a rifle’s front swivel stud. The swiveling model provides an extra 60 degrees of aiming movement. The legs extend from 9 to 13 inches and fold down, forward or backward at the push of a button. (About $45; 859-873-9877; www.atigunstocks.com)