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**1. For the Organizer **
Just as a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter, Plano’s new 3378 FlipSider is the ideal combination of a soft-sided tackle bag and hard- plastic storage. This hybrid system features a generous main compartment, expandable side pockets and a see-through plastic storage container with three of Plano’s innovative FlipSider storage trays. The handsome array of baits from Rapala and Terminator Lures pictured in the trays is, sadly, not included. ($75; 800-226-9868; planomolding.com)
Gifts for the Angler

**2. For the Mobile Angler **
Zebco’s new ZF200 Portable Fish Finder has two great qualities. First, as its name suggests, it is a unit that will go anywhere you do. Second, it is eminently affordable. Its transducer, which is attached to a 25-foot cable, can be trolled or hung off a dock and it can even take a reading through ice or the bottom of a canoe. It works in water up to 99 feet deep and has fish, bottom and weed indicators. ($60; 800-588-9030; zebco.com)
Gifts for the Angler

**3. For the Bass Fisherman **
Selecting the right mix of lures to take to your local bass hot spots has never been simpler, thanks to Bass Pro Shops’ XPS Lure Assortments. Each assortment contains five hard baits that mimic a broad array of forage. Choose from selections of crankbaits, suspending jerkbaits and topwater lures. ($15 each; 800-227-7776; basspro.com)

4. For the Wader
Take a high-quality dry sack and shrink it in the dryer and you might end up with something similar to the Aquapac line of waterproof cases. They come in myriad shapes and sizes for gear ranging from handheld radios to cell phones to digital cameras. The pack shown here is designed for a cell phone. ($25; 800-441-5713; llbean.com)
Gifts for the Angler

5. For the Tool Fiend
Shimano’s new Baysteel tools prove that big things do come in small packages. The 7-inch model pictured has an innovative tip that opens and holds split rings in place for quick hook swaps, a serrated edge that cleanly cuts even fine braided line, pliers for efficient hook removal and a gut-hook-shaped release knife for slicing through up to 200-pound-test mono. The tools are constructed of salt-water-resistant stainless steel. ($60; 877-577-0600; shimano.com)

6. For the Bargain Hunter
Yes, you can easily spend $300 on a spinning rod. Or you can get one of St. Croix’s new Triumph series rods for a lot less and still make your car payment. The best part is that you won’t be sacrificing performance. Each rod in the line, such as the two-piece, 6½-foot spinning rod pictured, is built on a fine-tuned graphite blank and is backed by a five-year warranty. The Premier spinning reel is an equally good bargain. (Rod and reel, $60 each; 800-826-7042; stcroixrods.com)
Gifts for the Angler

7. For the Boater
Looking for a functional boat shoe with style? Consider the Atlantic Slip-On from Rugged Shark. It’s comfortable and has a nonmarring yet very sticky sole and is made with water-resistant leather uppers that can handle the elements. Also, the insole features an antimicrobial treatment, to keep odor-always a problem with shoes designed to get wet-to a minimum. ($79; 877-874-2757; ruggedshark.com)

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