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**1. For the Stalker **
Hunting boots with monster-truck-tire soles may be great for traversing broken ground, but they’re noisy. To quiet your tread, put on a pair of Danner’s new Jackals. The moccasin-style platform has a thin, cushy sole, which provides great feel through the boot. It comes with a Gore-Tex liner and is available in uninsulated or 400-gram Thinsulate (shown) versions. ($145; 800-345-0430; danner.com)

**2. For the Electronics Fan **
If you’re a hunter who sweats the details, the Kestrel 3500 may become one of your most prized possessions. This lightweight, portable unit gives instant, accurate feedback on your environmental conditions, including wind speed, air temperature, wind chill, barometric pressure, altitude and relative humidity. It can help you dope the wind on a long shot, forecast bad weather and even give you a heat stress index reading. ($249; 610-447-1555; nkhome.com)

**3. For the Dog Trainer **
Some dog handlers swear by electronic collars for training. They also often swear at the heft of the transmitters the collars come equipped with. Tri-Tronics’ new G2 line of collars and transmitters is lighter and about a third less bulky than previous models. The top-of-the-line Pro 500 G2 (shown) offers a staggering array of training options with its different levels of stimulation. ($545; 800-456-4343; tritronics.com)

4. For the Archer
While most of the archery industry makes a lot of noise about the new and invariably “innovative” products it trots out each year, Bitzenburger Machine & Tool has happily offered the same design on its fletching jig for more than half a century. Made to precise tolerances-the bases of the helical clamps, for example, are ground with a radius to achieve a perfect helical fletch-the Bitzenburger is still the best jig around. ($75; 888-724-5697; bitzenburger.com)

5. For the Marksman
One of the easiest ways to become a better rifle shot is to learn how to properly use a shooting sling. There are several styles available, but the A-1 Quick Set Rifle Sling by Murray Custom Leather is one of the best. It’s simple, elegant and, like everything else from Dick Murray’s shop, beautifully made. _($50; 817-441-7480; murray customleather.com) _

6. For the Traditionalist
Variable-power scopes are great tools, but the truth is that most of us turn them to one setting (usually the highest) and don’t fiddle with them again. And they work just fine like that. That’s about the best argument there is in favor of switching to a fixed-power tube. Leupold’s new line of fixed-power scopes recognizes the wisdom of that thinking. The FX-III 6×42 pictured here will work for almost every hunting situation. Need more convincing? Your dad and granddad used fixed-power scopes and probably bagged more game than most of us will ever see. ($380; 503-526-1400; leupold.com)

**7. For the Young Shot **
Nothing captures the holiday spirit like a wide-eyed child finding his or her first gun under the tree on Christmas morning. Start your kids off right with this single-shot bolt-action .22 from Marlin. Known as the 915YS, it has a 16¼-inch stainless-steel barrel and receiver, a fiber-optic front sight and cut-down dimensions (12-inch length of pull) to fit a child’s frame. The receiver is grooved and drilled and tapped in order to mount a scope and scope bases. _($247; 800-544-88892; marlin firearms.com) _

Gifts for the Hunter Click Here to see Gifts for the Hunter