Outdoor Life Online Editor

1. Woods Wise Mystic Cutt’n Wet Hen
Part of the company’s Mystic line of calls, this single-sided box has a permanently gritty calling surface that will produce sounds even when wet. The Bounce Back Bumper allows for consistent cutts and clucks. ($19; 800-735-8182; woodswise.com)

2. Quaker Boy’s Curve
The Curve adds a new twist to today’s much desired all-wood boatpaddle calls. It employs a curved lid that slides across the rails in the same spot every time for consistent sound. ($28; 800-544-1600; quakerboy.com)

3. Knight & Hale Ol’ Yeller
The revamped Ol’ Yeller still boasts Knight & Hale’s patented Sla-Tek surface, but it’s now dressed up in a cherry wood pot with a walnut sounding board and is paired with a purple heart striker. ($23; 479-782-8971; knightandhale.com)

4. Woodhaven’s Strike Three Birch Strikers
With Woodhaven’s Strike Three Birch Strikers, you can create custom sounds using a production slate or glass. The laminated rods come tapered or untapered. Also available in oak. ($17; 256-463-5657; woodhaven customcalls.com)

**5. Hunter Specialties 360° Yelper **
The glass surface on the 360° Yelper is ideal for high-pitched hen sounds. Open ports around the base allow calls to be thrown in any direction. Includes a rosewood striker and call conditioner. ($30; 319-395-0321; hunterspec.com)

6. Primos Game Calls Sonic Dome Series
Primos has introduced a dome-roofed diaphragm that adds volume and consistency to each call. Available in single, double and triple latex reed versions. The top reed of the triple is bat cut. ($7; 800-523-2395; primos.com)

7. Quaker Boy Better Fit Calls
Some hunters struggle to get a diaphragm to fit properly in their mouths. Now Quaker Boy offers a mouth call with specially cut green tape that creates a better seal against the palate. ($7; 800-544-1600; quakerboy.com)