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1. Ruger New Model Single Six
Based on the Single Six frame, this new 7½-inch-barreled model features a ribbed barrel that is milled to accommodate Ruger’s detachable rings, which are supplied with each gun. Standard 3/8-inch tip-off rings also work.
Here Are The New Handguns

2. S&W; 500 “Snubby”
For those who want the firepower of the mighty 500 S&W; Magnum cartridge in a more compact package, Smith is introducing a new 4-inch-barreled version. The 500 Snubby measures 10¼ inches and weighs 56 ounces-no lightweight but easier to carry.
Here Are The New Handguns

3. Ruger MK III
The new MK III replaces the butt-mounted magazine catch with a release behind the trigger guard, which is standard on most semi-autos. New Weaver sight bases supplied with each gun still allow open sights to be used.
Here Are The New Handguns

4. Ruger 22/45
This new budget-priced, polymer-frame .22 LR has also received some of the MK III treatment. It now offers a magazine safety, a loaded chamber indicator and an internal lock.
Here Are The New Handguns

[pagebreak] 5. T/C G2 Contender
Formerly offered only in custom barrels, Thompson/Center’s G2 Contender and Encore lines are now being chambered for the .375 JDJ cartridge.
Here Are The New Handguns

**6. Taurus Model 44 Tracker **
The hammer-forged, stainless Tracker offers a five-shot capacity and weighs just 34 ounces. A ported barrel and special grips help to tame recoil.
Here Are The New Handguns

7. Taurus Model 444 Multi
Built on the Raging Bull frame, this six-shot .44 Magnum weighs an amazing 28.3 ounces thanks to construction that utilizes a blend of alloy and titanium.
Here Are The New Handguns

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