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Buck Turns 100
In 1902, Hoyt Heath Buck was a 13-year-old blacksmith apprentice in Kansas sharpening hoes for a living when he noticed that the farm equipment was coming back for resharpening a little too often. He started experimenting to solve the problem and ended up developing a better smeltering process that helped those hoes keep their edge. (We’re not sure what his boss, the blacksmith, thought of the loss of business.) Then, thanks to an ample supply of worn-out rasps that were just lying about, Buck used the same technique to make knives. One hundred years later, Buck Knives hasn’t lost the creative touch. Here are two of its latest developments.

**Hitchhiker **
This carabiner-shaped tool comes with a knife blade, scissors or nail file.
($32; 800-326-2825; www.buckknives.com)

The Fishlocker
This folding fillet knife is a compact 7 inches closed and locks open to a total length of 12 inches.
($23; 800-326-2825; www. buckknives.com)