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Best-known for the sterling accuracy of its custom, long-range beanfield”” hunting rifles, Jarrett Rifles has now taken the big step of manufacturing its own actions, thus earning the recognition and criticism due any “legitimate” gun maker. As such, Jarrett was invited to unveil its new rifle for the Outdoor Life test team. What we saw was a bolt-action design quite unlike anything we’ve seen before. Whereas many “custom” actions are more or less copies or refinements of existing designs — Mausers, M-70 Winchesters and Remington 700s, for example — Jarrett took a new path. Its all-machined, three-locking-lug action is so different in operation as well as appearance that four separate patents have been filed to cover specific features. (Wait till you see how the ejector works.) In addition to finished Jarrett rifles built on this new action concept, the action will be offered for sale separately. The actions will be built in a variety of lengths to match cartridge length, and a unique replaceable rail feature allows quick adaptation for calibers of different case shapes. Our test rifle was chambered for the thunderous .300 Jarrett (3200 fps with 180-grain bullets), but thanks to the Jarrett-style muzzle brake, it was manageable on the bench. Despite the tremendous heat generated by this furnace of a cartridge, we stuck to our five-shot group regimen, even when we had to use a tiny fan to blow away barrel mirage so we could aim clearly enough to continue firing.