Outdoor Life Online Editor

L.L. Bean’s Travel Series breaks into six pieces and fits into a 22-inch tube. Talk about a travel rod; this one would make it past even the most stringent flight attendant. The one question is, does it cast? The trouble with multipiece rods in the past has been that the stiff joints where the sections meet make it difficult for the rod to bend uniformly, which destroys a rod’s cast. L.L. Bean overcame this problem by casting, tweaking the design, casting some more, adjusting the rod again and then casting a lot more. The result is a pro-staff afflicted with worn rotator cuffs and multipiece rods that cast very well. Five models in the series range from 81/2 to 9 feet and cover line weights from 5 to 9. ($179 to $199; 800-809-7057)