My Favorite Deer Rifles-Photo Gallery

Here are Carmichel's favorites.

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1. ** **M-64 Winchester
Working the glassy-slick action of this Model 64 recalls a gentler era of deer hunting when a .30/30 was plenty of gun.

2. M-7 Remington .260
This full-stocked Model 7 was built in the Remington custom shop. Carmichel loves the way this gun flies to his shoulder.

**3. **Guns can be favorites for reasons of both style and sentiment. This gorgeous custom .250/3000 was stocked by Carmichel's longtime friend, the late Don Allen. The shortened Mauser action and other refinements were crafted by Ron Lampert.

**4. Mannlicher 6.5x54 **
The super-smooth action, mild recoil and classic styling of the Mannlicher are what make this gun a Carmichel favorite.

5. Bieson Custom 7x57 Mauser
This Al Bieson masterpiece is a favorite not only for its beauty and feel, but for the memory of a great buck taken with it.

6. The M-64 Winchester was basically a slicked-up Model 94 with a better trigger pull and pistol-grip stock. This 64 is what was called the "Deer Rifle"-a deluxe grade with hand-checkering. In the early '50s these deluxe versions sold for $97.75, though they're worth far more now.

** 7. Allen/Lampert .250/3000**
Gunsmith Ron Lampert and stock maker Don Allen teamed up to build this rifle, which might be Carmichel's favorite of all.