Outdoor Life Online Editor

While looking at the new crop of waterfowl decoys at the SHOT Show it’s pretty obvious that if it’s not a motion deke, it’s not worth having. Everything twists, shakes, flaps, spins or feeds. How we ever were able to shoot ducks before is beyond us.

Team G Spot’s Seducer
Instead of building a fixed motion decoy, Team G Spot’s innovation was to construct a motion component. The Seducer is a base upon which you can attach standard goose decoys. The idea is to produce a realistic feeding motion to fool wary geese.


Motorized Mallard Decoy
This decoy simulates a feeding duck with a battery-powered tipping system. The system is suspended by two closed-cell foam floats. Included in the package is an adjustable timer, so the span between feeds ranges from 5 to 15 seconds.


Wing Wavers
These decoys are jerk-cord activated silhouette patterns that mimic the natural wing beat of a landing Canada goose. The full motion of the spring-loaded wings adds a realism that is unmatched by others on the market.