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How many accessories can you stock? The SHOT Show floor awaits you with the release of more than one thousand new accessories that are just begging to be added to your inventory. Here’s the first part of our look (part 2 tomorrow) at some of the SKUs that await you down the aisles of the 2004 SHOT Show.

Most odor-control sprays only have a one-month shelf life once they’ve been opened. The new N-O-Dor scent is designed to give hunters a fresh batch in the field and retailers a new sale. The new formulation and packaging from Atsko allow hunters to mix a fresh batch of the ready-to-use formula and reminds them that they will need a new supply in 30 days. The package comes with two 8-ounce bottles and a powder activator. SRP: $8.50. Booth #6737. _(800-845-2728; _

**Barnes Bullets **
The new Barnes copper XPB handgun bullet offers dramatically increased penetration over conventional jacketed lead- core bullets, as well as superior expansion and weight retention.

In laboratory tests with a Model 500 S&W; Magnum revolver, the controlled-expansion hollowpoint 325-grain XPB bullet penetrated four layers of denim and two feet of ballistic gelatin, creating a massive wound channel while staying intact. Booth #3371. (800-574-9200;

**Browning **
The 6-volt xenon Black Ice Technical Flashlight has six different LEDs in three different colors: two red for night vision, two blue for tracking and two white for general use-all encased in a machined aluminum housing with an unbreakable lens. The light is water-resistant and includes a battery and lanyard. SRP: $49.99. Booth #401. (800-333-3504;

**Columbia **
Columbia’s new fall 2004 unisex Shooting Straight gloves are constructed of cow-grain leather that won’t shrink or harden. The gloves also offer nylon-elastane inserts at the knuckles for increased mobility. Additional features include a hook-and-loop adjustment at the wrist, an elasticized cuff and small breathablity inserts throughout the fingers. SRP: $50. Booth #6901. _(800-622-6953; _

**Drake Waterfowl Systems **
The WaderTec full-zip jacket focuses on the technical needs of a wading duck hunter. Cut to reduce bulk under a hunter’s waders, the jacket is made fr
om layered breathable fleece. Above the chest line, the jacket acts as a waterproof breathable coat similar to a traditional jacket. There are magnetic pockets specifically cut for duck calls and other waterfowling accessories. All seams are taped for waterproof performance and the cuffs are trimmed in neoprene. SRP: $98. Booth #6201. (662-349-9398; www.drake

**Doskocil **
Ideal for today’s shorter bows, the new SE Pro 44 Bow Case from Doskocil is almost 2 inches thicker, giving archers more room for bows and accessories. It is roomy enough for hunters to leave stabilizers and loaded quivers on their bows during storage and transport. Outside, strengthening body lines and a tongue-in-groove hull provide added protection against crushing and warping. Large, wide-angled feet for sure footing and a recessed handle make the case easy to carry while wearing gloves. There are also tabs for strapping it to ATVs, cars and trucks. Booth #3335. (817-467-5116;

The scent-free, elbow-length Gauntlet Elimigloves are ideal for setting up stands, building mock scrapes and handling decoys. Made from the same woven nylon materials in Elimitrax scent-free overshoes, the gloves are machine washable, have an adjustable drawstring and are insulated for colder weather. SRP: $24. Booth #6912._ (800-630-7290; _

**Eze-Lap Diamond Products **
This Diamond 2×6 Double Sided Bench Stone Sharpener comes with a stabilizing pad to keep the stone secure on flat surfaces. On one side is a 400-grit diamond surface that is hard enough to cut many modern steels quickly in just a few passes. On the flip side is a 1200-grit diamond surface for finish sharpening. Makes sharpening easier for users to get a good edge on today’s super-hard steel knifes. SRP: $50. Booth #5666. _(775-888-9500; _

**Filson **
Full-grain leather surrounds the Bridle Leather and Stainless Steel Flask, insulating your hand from cold metal. It has an easy-open screw top, a hinged keeper to prevent cap loss and a rubber gasket. Flush edges give a tight seal between the leather and stainless steel. Built tough to take the occasional fall, it holds 6 fluid ounces. SRP: $59. Booth #6931. _(800-624-0201; _

Gerber Legendary Blades
Simply put, the Freeman Folding Knife fits very nicely in your hand and is as strong as a crowbar. It features distinctive pear wood grips, positive-grip finger grooves and ambidextrous thumb studs for safe opening by either hand. The 3.9-inch drop- point blade is made from 440A stainless steel (Rockwell hardness of 57) and holds an edge and can be quickly resharpened. SRP: $75. Booth #5035. _(800-950-6161; _

Hunter’s Specialties
The Undertaker Choke Tube is specifically designed to handle hard shot like Hevi-Shot and Tungsten Matrix. The new chokes have been paper-tested to put 90 percent of the shot in a 30-inch circle at 40 yards. Manufactured of heat-treated 41L42 chrome-moly (an aircraft-quality alloy), the Undertaker Choke will last years with these tough new turkey loads. Available to fit most popular makes of 12-gauge shotguns with screw-in chokes, it features a double-knurled end for easy installation. SRP: $30. Booth #3824. (800-728-0321;

**Kestrel **
The Kestrel 4000 Pocket Weather Tracker is a complete handheld weather station, measuring every major environmental condition including barometric pressure, altitude, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind chill, dew point, wet-bulb temperature and heat stress. The 4000 is also a tracking device that allows users to log the environmental data for entire trips, expeditions, outings or flights. SRP: $329. Booth #8576. (800-784-4221;

Walker’s Game Ear
Walker’s Game Ear is releasing the popular Power Muff Quads in Realtree Hardwoods HD. The earmuffs incorporate four individual high-frequency response microphones that provide the most natural sound amplification along with a hearing protection rating of 24db. Sounds, like muzzle blasts, are compressed instantly to safe levels, while line commands and conversations are still easily heard. SRP: $289. Booth #8025. (800-424-1069;

**Woods Wise Products **
This box call is designed to be used completely wet or dry and never requires chalk. The Sass’n Wet Hen has walnut and poplar walls enabling the call to produce two primary pitches. The poplar side produces a higher sound that can be heard in windy and distance situations compared to the more traditional walnut sounds produced on the other side. SRP: $26. Booth #7463._ (800-735-8182; www. _

MGC/Bear Cutlery
The Heritage Pocket Knife
Carrying on the tradition of craftsmen of long ago, these American-made knives feature genuine bone and mother-of-pearl handles, long pull nail marks and highly polished 440 stainless-steel blades. The Heritage Collection features a tang stamp, a special blade etch and an inlaid shield and will be packaged in a one-of-a-kind tin box. More than 91 hand steps go into the construction of each knife. SRP: $120. Booth #5337. (800-844-3034)
pearl handles, long pull nail marks and highly polished 440 stainless-steel blades. The Heritage Collection features a tang stamp, a special blade etch and an inlaid shield and will be packaged in a one-of-a-kind tin box. More than 91 hand steps go into the construction of each knife. SRP: $120. Booth #5337. (800-844-3034)