Outdoor Life Online Editor

It’s rare, frankly, when new guns and ammo live up to their marketing hype. I am here to tell you: everything Remington wants you to believe about its 105 CTi shotgun and Wingmaster HD pellets is true. These two new products deserve to be among the most talked-about introductions at the 2006 SHOT Show. The shotgun is the most innovative design I’ve seen in years. The pellets swat ducks from the sky like the hand of Fate.

A couple of weeks ago, I was part of a group of five writers who were the first non-Remington employees to shoot the new gun and ammunition. We traveled to Deer Creek Lodge in Sebree, Kentucky, to put the 105s to the test on pheasants and quail, before loading them with Wingmaster HD and trying some challenging flighted mallards.

A bottom-ejecting autoloader, the 105 weighs just 7 pounds in 12-gauge with a 28-inch barrel, thanks to a titanium and carbon receiver and a carbon-fiber rib. That light weight will make it a great upland gun. Certainly the 105 proved an easy gun to carry on our three-hour tramps through the milo and grasses at Deer Creek. When quail or pheasants flushed, the 105 pointed quickly and surely and hardly kicked at all with either light field ammo or heavy Nitro pheasant loads.

In fact, the 105 beats even the super-soft shooting 1100 for low recoil, despite weighing a full pound less. The 105 has an R3 pad on the butt and its innards include a hydraulic rate reducer in the stock (the return spring is on the magazine tube). The rate reducer assures the gun’s bolt operates at the right speed with a variety of loads while acting as a shock absorber for recoil. It works.

There are more new features to this gun than I have room to discuss here-the overbored barrel, the redesigned choke tubes, the crisp trigger. You’ll just have to stop at the Remington booth and see for yourself. SRP: $1,200.

With Remington and HeviShot ending their association last year, Remington needed a non-toxic pellet of its own. This year it is introducing a tungsten-bronze-iron pellet called Wingmaster HD. The new shot is very round and uniform, and an attractive gold color. It’s denser than lead and about the same density as HeviShot.

At Deer Creek’s duck lake, the Wingmaster HD left us shaking our heads in awe. Deer Creek’s flighted ducks come in waves of twenty or more, and you can pick your shots. I held out for 45- to 50-yard crossers, and as duck after duck hit the water stone dead, I was sold. We used 3-inch 12-gauge loads containing 13/8 ounces of No. 6 shot at 1450 fps. Initial loadings will include BB, 4 and 6 shot for 20- and 12-gauges. SRP: $30 per box of 10. Booth #443.