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The New Canon 8×25 IS Binoculars
These new binoculars from Canon are the smallest you can buy with the Image Stabilization feature. Our editors were impressed with the power packed into this extremely compact optic package. The ergonomic shape makes them easier to hold and the high quality glass gives an extremely sharp image.

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Dura-Mag 1200 Waders from Hodgman
Hodgman has created the ultimate duck hunting wader in its new Dura-Mag 1200 model. Said to be tougher and warmer than other waders on the market, the Dura-Mag 1200’s will help you keep warm in even the harshest of conditions.

Other features of the waders include call pockets, heat pac compartments, a built-in belt and outside waist hand pockets. For more information visit

Dorcy Coolblue Waterproof Flashlight
Good things really do come in small packages. This flashlight from Dorcy is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, but packs in 200 hours of run time. The new technology here is in the focused solid state LED bulb. The light will shine in a solid ring for up to 30 feet away.

For more information, call 800-837-8558.

**Masterbuilt Grand Slam Turkey Fryer **
The SHOT Show has a lot more to offer than just firearms and camoflage. We came across this item while browsing the floor and were amazed at the speed of the cooking process. The Masterbuilt Grand Slam can cook a ten pound turkey in 35 minutes!

For more information on the Masterbuilt Grand Slam Turkey Fryer, click here.

The Para Carry
This handgun is the smallest DAO .45 we’ve come across. The compact magazine on the Para Carry holds six-rounds and the LDA trigger system makes the gun one of the safest compact autoloaders you can buy.

For more information on the Para Carry visit

Quiet Wear Roomy Camo Fleece Mask
This small company based out of Milwaukee has developed a number of innovative face masks. The Camo Fleece Mask features an adjustable toggle tie in the back so that you can create a perfect fit. It’s made from a very soft fleece which will protect your nose and cheeks from the chafing that sometimes occurs with other materials like wool.

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