Live from Day 4 of the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show.

Greetings from Las Vegas! We’re back at this year’s SHOT Show to bring you all the latest in gear and new products.

We’ll be reporting to you each day of the show from February 12-15.

We’ll be walking the hundreds of rows in search of the latest gear a nd other products that we know will help improve your hunting experience. Things such as treestands, the latest in decoys, clothing, optics–you name it.

Check back daily throughout the weekend. Outdoor Life Online will be following Editor Todd Smith as he travels the SHOT Show floor inspecting rifles, boots, and scopes.

We know you wish you could be here so we’ll do our best to bring you all the great things the SHOT Show has to offer.

DAY FOUR – February 15, 2004

SHOT Show 2004: Day 4 Gear Gallery
More gear from the SHOT Show on Day 4.

DAY THREE – February 14, 2004

SHOT Show 2004: Day 3 Gear Gallery
The latest and greatest from the third day of the SHOT Show.

DAY TWO – February 13, 2004

SHOT Show 2004: Day 2 Gear Gallery
The latest and greatest from the second day of the SHOT Show.

DAY ONE – February 12, 2004

  • Products: Thousands of Extras, Part 1
    It’s said that accessories make the man; they also make or break your bottom line.

  • Air Guns 2004
    What’s new in today’s adult air-gun market.

  • Handguns 2004
    This year, most manufacturers are content to tweak existing models.

  • Rifles 2004
    Rifle makers have been very busy in the off-season. Here’s a look at what they’ve been up to.

  • Shotguns 2004
    No showstoppers, but a diverse mix will appeal to a broad range of shooters.

SHOT Show 2004: Day 1 Gear Gallery
Take a loook at the latest gear our editors found on the first day of the SHOT Show in Las Vegas