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We’re here in Las Vegas, Nevada for the S.H.O.T. Show (Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show.) We’ll be reporting to you each day of the show from February 9-12.

We’ll be walking the hundreds of rows in search of the latest gear a nd other products that we know will help improve your hunting experience. Things such as treestands, the latest in decoys, clothing, optics–you name it.

Check back daily throughout the weekend. Outdoor Life Online will be following Editor Todd Smith as he travels the SHOT Show floor inspecting rifles, boots, and scopes.

We’ll also have a few interesting features called “Scene & Heard.” We’ll work to bring you all the latest from quotes to gear.

We know you wish you could be here so we’ll do our best to bring you all the great things the SHOT Show has to offer.

DAY FOUR – February 12, 2006

DAY THREE – February 11, 2006

DAY TWO – February 10, 2006

  • Overheard at SHOT Show
    Here are some of our favorite quotes from the show.

  • A Day at the Range
    Before the show opened, our editors were busy shooting guns at the Winchester/Browning shooting event. Check out the photos here.

  • Outdoor Life Blog
    Our shooting editor, Jim Carmichel, stopped by the Leupold booth at the SHOT Show today to check out the new VX-L scope. Watch the video to hear his thoughts. Plus, read reviews of guns tested at Wednesday’s shooting session.

  • Big Buck Zone
    Mike Hanback lists his picks and pans from previous SHOT Shows. This weekend read his opinions of the new gear from 2006.

  • Remington Arms Unveils New Shotgun and Ammunition
    Everything Remington wants you to believe about its new products is true.

  • Down the Ammo Aisle
    Look for better downrange performance this year.

  • Update on the Issues
    A look back and a look ahead.

  • Clear Vision
    Kahles aims high in the racce to equip American shooters with good glass.

  • The Da Vinci of Hunting Packs
    Marty Grabijas the owner of Mother Tech, a revolutionary hunting pack company, sits down with Outdoor Life at the SHOT Show to answer some questions.

  • Outerwear 2006
    More manufacturers add casual wear and soft shells to hunting lines.

DAY ONE – February 9, 2006

  • Accessories 2006
    Small items that can carry a big impact in the field.

  • Handguns 2006
    From big-game revolvers to compact concealed-carry.

  • Rifles 2006
    From mil-spec models to modern versions of classic hunting arms, and from semi-auto big-game rifles to high-quality rimfires, rifles will be on a roll this year.

  • Shotguns 2006
    A quiet year is expected in the smoothbore community, but you’ll still see some innovative products.

  • Optics: The Latest Glass
    Keep these new products in your field of view when buying scopes and binoculars.

  • Paintball is Back
    It’s not hunting and it’s not traditional target shooting, but paintball is the hot item at SHOT Show, and that means manufacturers are seeing green .

  • 2005 Outdoor Life Conservation Awards
    Two recipients were honored by Outdoor Life at the SHOT Show.