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Remington Model 11-87 SP-T Thumbhole
Able to handle 3½- to 2¾-inch shells, this 11-87 offers the solid grip of a thumbhole stock for steady shots. It’s topped with Tru-Glo fiber-optic rifle sights and fitted with a .665-inch Turkey Super Full choke. Available in Mossy Oak Obsession camo._ ($1,095; 800-243-9700; remington.com)_
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Thompson/Center Encore 12-Gauge Turkey Gun
T/C now offers turkey hunters the same single-shot performance of the full Encore line with a camouflaged version that boasts an interchangeable 24-inch barrel chambered for 3-inch shells, fiber-optic sights and screw-in turkey choke tube. _($599; 603-332-2333; tcarms.com) _
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Winchester Super X3 Camo Field
The gas-operated X3 takes 3½-inch loads and is available with a 26-inch back-bored barrel that uses Invector-Plus chokes. Finished in Mossy Oak New Break-Up. ($1,217; 800-333-3288; winchesterguns.com)
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Benelli Nova Pump
The Nova improves upon the reliability and affordability of pump-action guns by combining a polymer stock and lightweight receiver into a single, strengthened unit. A grooved stock and ergonomic forend improves grip. Available with 24-inch barrel. ($425; 301-283-6981; benelliusa.com)
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Hard-Hitting Turkey Loads
**Federal’s Mag-Shok Heavyweight **loads boast shot that’s 35 percent more dense than lead. The rounds have a unique wad design for tighter patterns. Federal will roll out a No. 7 loading this year. ($39; 800-322-2342; federalpremium.com)

Winchester is expanding its line of Supreme Elite Xtended Range loads to include a No. 4, which promises to deliver even more downrange energy._ ($41-$45; 618-258-2000; winchester.com)_
Remington Nitro turkey loads have a full 17/8-ounce of Nitro-Mag extra-hard lead shot for copper-shot performance without the higher cost. ($7; 800-243-9700; remington.com)

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