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1. Stick Baits: Impale a 4-inch Senko on a ¼-ounce jighead and skip it under docks and other low cover.

**2. Lizards: **Burn an unweighted lizard across the surface in place of a buzzbait. Stall it next to cover and in open pockets within vegetation.

3. Creature Baits: Use a 4-inch creature bait on a drop-shot rig over deep structure.

4. Grubs: Instead of casting and cranking a grub on a jighead, try swimming a 4- or 5-inch unweighted grub over shallow, grass-covered flats.

**5. Jerkbaits: **These popular lures are often fished weightless, but try one on a Carolina rig. It will imitate a dying shad as well as any lure.

6. Tubes: Stuff a sponge soaked with crayfish scent into the tube’s cavity for extra appeal, or impale a small grub on the hook.

7. Worms: Put a tiny slip sinker above a Texas-rigged worm and pull it across mats of aquatic vegetation. Allow it to fall into open pockets and on the edges of grass beds.