Outdoor Life Online Editor

Die-hard bowhunters are always searching for the gear that will give them the edge in the deer woods. But where do you start when there are so many products to choose from? Not to worry. We scoured the Archery Trade Manufacturer’s show earlier this year and found 15 new items that are going to make filling your deer tag a lot easier this season.

1. 3-D Optics
Alpen’s Apex 8.5x50mm binocular provides quality optics at an affordable price. Multi-coated lenses, extra-long eye relief and large (50mm) objectives offer great light-gathering capacity for low-light hunting conditions. Crystal-clear glass delivers excellent resolution of fine details for 3-D competitors. ($543; 909-987-8370; alpenoutdoor.com)

2. To the Point
The main blade of Crimson Talon’s Crimson Croc is Teflon-coated and has four cutting surfaces. Two airfoils spin-stabilize arrows, so heads twist through targets. Add serrations with bleeder blades and you’ve got a head that will stop a deer cold. Available in 100 and 125 grains. _($30 for three; 410-658-9660; spintite.com) _

**3. More to the Point **
The Turbine Tip T2 by 2XJ Enterprises puts a new “twist” on conventional field point design with eight airfoils for pinpoint accuracy. Available in 100 and 125 grains. _($20 per dozen; 410-658-9660; spintite.com) _

**4. Take a Rest **
Drop-aways improve accuracy by reducing contact with the arrow upon release, but none are what you’d call quiet. The Top Gun Phantom from Precision Shooting Equipment is an exception. Sealed roller bearings, unique capture arms and a simple design make this whisper-quiet rest worthy of a close look. _($80; 520-884-9065; pse-archery.com) _

5. Tough Target
The Rinehart 18-1 3-D target is a real stopper. I shot the same spot repeatedly and didn’t have a single pass-through. There are 18 surfaces, which adds even more life to this easy-to-carry target._ ($130; 608-757-8153; rinehart3-d.com)_