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The rut is gone, the mountains are buried with snow and the ducks, well, they flew south weeks ago. Quit sulking. Spring is right around the corner and with it comes some of the best hunting action to be had. It’s turkey season, the perfect excuse to get outdoors! So dig out your camo and dust off your calls. Whether you’re a longtime veteran of the “I remember when nobody hunted turkeys” elite or a new recruit in the fastest-growing sector of hunting, these items are sure to provide everything you need to make the season comfortable, successful and fun.

[BRACKET “1”] Redhead 3/4 Facemask
This camo mask sits around your neck when not in use but can be pulled up quickly when needed. The wire-framed eye opening forms to your face. ($5.99; 800-227-7776)
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[BRACKET “2”] Mossy Oak APX Clothing
Treklite APX clothing is lightweight and quick-drying and wicks moisture away from skin to help you keep cool when it’s hot. Combined with APX base layers, these clothes regulate body temperature far better than cotton gear does. (Treklite shirt and pants, $50 each; base layer shirt and pants, $30; 800-331-5624)
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[BRACKET “3”] Renzo’s Decoys
These life-size, photo-realistic decoys look real even from a short distance and fold up neatly for the easy portage of an entire flock. Made of a coated, waterproof cardboard. (Two hens and one jake, $38.99; 800-583-5416)
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** [BRACKET “4”] Remington Model 870 SPS-T Super Magnum **
Remington was among the first to recognize the shotgun requirements of turkey hunters and with this latest offering continues to define the turkey gun’s evolution. The SPS-T Super Magnum boasts a thumbhole-style stock for a steady, comfortable grip and a 23-inch barrel paired with a Turkey Super Full choke and can be topped with Tru-Glo fiber-optic adjustable rifle-style sights. The pump-action can handle 2¾- to 3½-inch shells. The weather-resistant finish is in Mossy Oak Obsession. ($650; 800-243-9700; www.remington.com)
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[BRACKET “5”] Redhead Highback Turkey Lounger
This turkey vest with a self-supporting backrest and seat offers maximum comfort, while 26 pockets and sleeves keep gear organized. ($69.95; 800-227-7776)
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[BRACKET “6”] Federal Heavyweight
Billed as the heaviest shot on the market, Federal’s Flitecontrol Heavyweight uses a new tungsten alloy No. 6 shot combined with an advanced wad system to deliver the energy of No. 4s. ($29.95; 800-322-2342)
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[BRACKET “7”] LaCrosse Alphaburly
A rubber-clad neoprene boot that wears like slippers but protects your feet from the elements? You bet. The neoprene offers natural warmth, while a fleece lining wicks moisture away from your feet. ($79.95; 800-323-2668)
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Calls for Every Situation
**Butski’s Calls Pro 3 Pack **
Hands-free calling is a must when a gobbler is near. These handset mouth calls deliver raspy cutts and yelps. ($9.99 for 3; 585-593-2080)

Knight & Hale Squeeze Box
Box calls are ideal for making loud yelps on windy days. This one is waterproof and can be worked with one hand. ($21.90; 479-782-8971)

Pat Strawser Custom Glass
Own a custom call without breaking the bank. Rough the glass for smooth yelps and crisp clucks and purrs. ($45; 5770-847-1886)

**H.S. Strut Hoot Tube **
For locating early-morning toms, a loud owl hoot is best. This tube was created by calling champ Dale Palmer. ($12.99; 319-395-0321)

**Primos Calls Shock Tube **
One of today’s most overlooked turkey calls, a tube call is perfect for lending volume to yelps, clucks and gobbles. ($5.99; 800-523-2395)

M.A.D. Custom Cherry Crow
A crow call is a staple for locating gobblers throughout the day. This cherry call can be heard from a half mile away. ($10.99; 877-956-5746)

**M.A.D. Egg Push Button **
Easy to use, a push-pin call is a solid choice for yelps and purrs and keeps movement to a minimum. ($15.99; 877-956-5746)