Outdoor Life Online Editor

What makes a Sporting Collectible,is it age,cost,rarity or popularity probably all or maybe none.

The Edsel Car was a disaster for theFord Motor Company they were not well received and were dregs on the market.The Ford Mustang was an instant success and everybody wanted one.The Edsel and the Mustang are both highly sought by collectors,the rarer options and colors are the ones that arethe most valuable.

The same rings true with Sporting Collectibles the rarer variations always bring the most interest.There are very few people who have a Thomas Payne Fly Rod or a Parker .410 double in their family attic and if they do they know what it’s worth.There was a time when every family had a Dad,Grandfather or Uncle who was a Hunter,Fisherman or Trapper and many of the items that they left are treasures.

I will attempt through The Outdoor Life Website to appraise these items and to tell you what to look for in that attic, garage sale or Flea Market. Firearms a reblued gun will bring at least 50% less than the Blue Book of Gun Values,a repainted lure or decoy will depreciate even more.The Real Estate man will tell you the three things most important are Location, Location, Location this writer will tell you the awful truth it’s Condition, Condition, Condition when we talk about sporting Collectibles.

The thing about Sporting Collectibles the market is Global(the Japanese love American Fishing Items) and diverse,the box is worth more than the lure we will talk about why later.What’s collectible,about anything that has to do with Hunting,Fishing or Trapping. I feel that what more fun could a Sportsman or Sportswoman have than buying a Sporting Collectible that will appreciate in value as much as Stocks and Bonds and be fun to own.I don’t know if anyone has said hey look at the Stock I just bought. I look forward to your questions and will do my best to give you an idea of what your Sporting Collectible may be worth and what to look for.