ATV Gear: 3 Items to Never Leave Home Without

Whether you are out riding in the wilderness or just cruising the back 80 acres, having the right emergency gear is essential. I have several key items that I bring along on various rides. Obviously, I’m not counting the tool kit provided on the ATV, as it should always be on board. This tool kit comes with a spark plug wrench as well as a set of small wrenches to repair an ailing quad on the trail. Aside from this standard kit, here are my picks for three things to never ride without.

1. ATV C02 Tire Repair Kit
Many C02 tire repair kits have two or three cartridges for re-inflating the tire once it is plugged as well as tire plugs or patches and the tools needed to make the repair all in a small compact package. A flat tire always happens when you least expect it, so store one of these kits in your quad at all times, it’ll get you back on the trail in a hurry.

2. Small Section of Rope or Strap
It shouldn’t be surprising thatl a small section of good rope can be very useful in an emergency. Using rope or a strap to tie up broken suspension components or even using the rope to hold a steering wheel straight as you make it back to the hauler may be the difference between a close call and a really bad day in the field.

3. First Aid Kit
Fixing your ATV is important, but having a tool kit for you or a passenger is even more crucial. Accidents do happen, and if you ride long enough, you or someone you know will need first aid. So be ready for it. In your kit, make sure to include remedies for cuts, sprains, and eye injuries.