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If you use your ATV to hunt or trail ride off-road, then you should think about keeping a first aid kit handy. Even a small kit packed with the right products can give you the extra time you need to reach professional help. We never like to think about an accident, but preparing for one can make all the difference.

The first thing you should consider is how you will treat any injury that might arise. If you are unsure of your ability to treat a severe wound or support a broken limb then you might want to consider a short course in first aid.

The items that should be included in a first aid kit are always up for debate, but when you think about your riding location and terrain, consider the types of injuries that are most likely. Carry an assortment of items in a small, watertight box. Even a zip-lock baggie will do in a pinch. These are my picks:

1. First-aid manual
2. Adhesive sterile tape
3. Antibiotic ointment
4. Alcohol wipes
5. Bandages of various sizes.
6. Cotton balls or cotton-tipped swabs.
7. Disposable latex or synthetic gloves in multiples
8. Gauze pads and roller gauze in various sizes
9. Trash bag
10. Scissors, tweezers, and a sewing needle
11. Soap or instant hand sanitizer
12. Sterile eyewash, such as a saline solution
13. A bulb or suction device for flushing out wounds

Optional supplies for the kit:
14. Instant cold packs
15. Disposable mask for CPR
16. Chemical hot packs
17. Aluminum finger splints
18. Snake bite kit

What do you keep in your ATV first-aid kit?