Most ATV and SXS owners know that winter is when you take your machine to the storage shed and pack it away until the weather warms or until you get an unexpected light snow. Leading up to this time of year, though, is when you need to take steps to preserve your vehicle.

Removing fuel from the tank and carburetor is the most crucial step in caring for your ATV or SXS in the offseason. Today’s fuel has so many chemicals and additives in it that can wreak havoc if left to sit in your machine. In fact, in as little as two weeks, varnish can form and your ride can become difficult to start or run like it should. Here are three simple steps to avoid the problem.

1. Turn off the fuel
2. Allow the engine to run until it runs out of gas
3. Drain the remaining fuel into a container

These simple process will not only keep the fuel from turning stale and unusable, but it will also prevent the majority of varnish and sludge issues. Once the fuel is removed you can stabilize and clean your carburetor even further with a product such as Ethanol Equalizer, by Liquid Performance.