The 50 question quiz tests your general firearms knowledge. The questions come from Field & Stream Shotguns Editor Phil Bourjaily, Rifles Editor David E. Petzal, and Outdoor Life Shooting Editor John B. Snow (tactical firearms and handguns). Combined, these three experts have almost 100 years of experience testing, shooting, hunting with, and writing about everything from beat-up Remington 870s to custom modified AK-47s.

Topics include gun history, gun mechanics, shooting techniques, ballistics, and more. The questions aren’t easy (hint: you’ll do better on this quiz if you study the collection of stories at the bottom of this page), but for the winner, the payoff will be worth it. We’re giving away a Burris Eliminator laser rangefinding scope (MSRP $900) to whoever gets the best score by midnight on July 14.

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