Outdoor Life Online Editor

1. What brand portable generator do you own?

a. Briggs&Stratton;
b. Coleman
c. Generac
d. Honda
e. Kipor/Sinemaster Onan
f. Robin
g. Yamaha
h. Other

2. What size (power wattage) is your generator?

a. less than 1000 watts
b. 1001-2000 watts
c. 2001-3000 watts
d. 3001-5000 watts
e. 5001-7000 watts
f. 7000+watts

3. What do you use the generator for most of the time?

a. RV/Camping
b. Hunting/Fishing Camp
c. Power Outage Emergency Work/Construction
d. Other

4. Which is the most important feature in your generator?

a. Noise level
b. Size
c. Reliability
d. Run Time Between Refueling
e. Serviceability
f. Wattage
g. Other