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Part 1 of this series ([XLINK 491721 “October Hunting Guide”]) rolled out four of our best buck tactics for October. If you didn’t shoot a good buck, or you now have a gun permit burning a hole in your pocket, read on. We’re back with three more awesome strategies for the seeking, chasing and breeding phases of the rut-those turbulent weeks when you really need to be out in the woods anyway. And just in case your hunt for a monster whitetail goes down to the wire, we finish up with one final plan for Thanksgiving week. As with last month’s feature, we’ve got you covered, no matter when you take off work.

The four strategies outlined here are geared to the November rut in the Northern and Central states and Canada. If you live or hunt in Texas or the Deep South, you’ll have to adjust this timetable to coincide with when the rut typically occurs in your area.

[XLINK 534606 “WEEK 1: November 1-7”]
No Holding Back Now

[XLINK 534609 “WEEK 2: November 8-15”]
Make Your Own Action

[XLINK 534610 “WEEK 3: November 16-23”]
Let the Action Come to You

[XLINK 534613 “WEEK 4: November 24-30”]
Rut-Sign Redux