Outdoor Life Online Editor

When the calendar flips to October 1, whitetail bucks are not yet revved up by hormones like teenagers on prom night. They’re still in bachelor groups, keeping their distance from the fairer sex. But as the air grows crisper, the days shorter and the leaves brighter, bucks quickly morph from docile critters (during the first two weeks of October) to rubbing, scraping fiends (around the 20th) to wild-eyed, sex-starved beasts (by Halloween).

This progression is as predictable as it is swift. That’s why you need to tailor your strategies to each phase of the rut to take full advantage of changing buck behavior. To help you do that, we offer four custom tactics for October-one for each week of the month.

Next issue we’ll do the same for November, with four more week-by-week strategies. No matter which week you plan to take off work, we’ve got you covered.

[XLINK 491711 “WEEK 1: October 1-7”]
A Routine Is a Buck’s Weakness

[XLINK 491717 “WEEK 2: October 8-15”]
Thirst Can Draw Bucks In

[XLINK 491718 “WEEK 3: October 16-23”]
Cold Can Get Bucks Moving

[XLINK 491719 “WEEK 4: October 24-31”]
Does Will Bring Bucks in Tow