Outdoor Life Online Editor

“We expect to see a lot more older bucks this year,” says Pennsylvania Game Commission Deer Biologist Bret Wallingford. He attributes this to the second year of antler restrictions. Like most biologists in the region, he describes his state’s deer population as very high. The highest concentrations continue to be found in the northwestern, southwestern and south-central regions. Trophy hunters consistently do best in the Special Regulations zones-like 2B in the southwest and 5C and 5D in the southeast. The county-by-county harvest map, available on the PGC Web site, can help hunters home in on the best places. Hunters should also be aware of new point definitions. Each projection must be at least an inch long to qualify. (The main beam tip counts as a point in any case.) Contact: Pennsylvania Game Commission (717-787-4250; www. pgc.state.pa.us).